About this website

When this web site is usable there will be various sections.  There will be a section of quotations that I have collected that have meaning for me.  I read books – and when a book is of interest to me many times I create a Word document that contains quotes, excerpts, and commentary from the book.  There will be a section of book notes.  There are some searches I am on in my life.  One of those searches is a journey to understand personal change and how that happens.  There will be information about that on-going search.  There will be a section about doors.  I have been taking photographs of doors for a few years.  Doors are filled with meaning and mystery.  You can look at my door collection and wonder about the use of the doors and who has gone through them and for what reasons.  At one point in my life I did some teaching of the art and craft of Blacksmithing.  I haven’t had much time to do that in the past few decades but I have some information that I formerly taught on ferrous metallurgy that might be included.  I am now in the textile business and have learned a little about textiles – some of that might be included at some time.  The people that are around me know that I have a specific vocabulary of words that I incorporate in to my life.  My vocabulary words will show up at some time.

Special Note: If you Google Daniel Kral most of the information that comes up is about a brilliant young mathematician and computer scientist from Charles University in Prague.  I am not that guy.  I am the American guy from Minnesota.

A short story

In order to introduce myself I will tell you a story.  When I was in college I went through a time of questioning why I was in college.  The main reason that I could come up with was that it had always been expected of me.  There was a secondary reason and that was there was a war going on and being in college provided a student deferment to being “asked” to join the military.  Although both of those reasons were probably good in and of themselves they were not good enough for me.  I suppose you could say I was doing a small search for the meaning of life and the answers “because it was expected of me” and “to avoid a specific outcome” were not sufficient.  I did come up with an answer that was both satisfying and affective.  In the process of searching I decided that I liked learning and what better place to be than in a University setting.  But the realization that I liked learning extended far beyond my college years and has affected my entire life.  I am a student – a student of life and of living.  From time to time I teach things or share things I have learned but I don’t really know anything to a depth that qualifies me as an expert – just a student sharing what I have learned with other students.  I wake up every morning living an adventure.  I invite you to join me in an adventurous life.