Book Notes

Three Ways to Learn

In learning about learning I have learned that people learn by a combination of three methods

  • Visual (by seeing)
  • Auditory (by hearing
  • Kinesthetic (by doing)

When I am reading something of interest, something I am interested in learning I try to take a multi-sensory approach to learning so that 1) I learn faster and 2) I learn more completely.  A multi-sensory approach would incorporate two of the three methods and ideally all three of the three methods.  When I read a book I underline passages that have meaning to me.  I write notes in the margins.  I keep track of passages that I might like to use as quotations, and I keep a topical index in the front of the book.  In addition to doing these things while I am reading – many times I have initiated Word documents on specific books.  In those word documents are quotes and excerpts and commentary from me.  I do all of these things to help incorporate what I am reading into my life.  Many of my Book Note documents are only partially finished – I start them for a particular book and before I finish I am on to another book and the process starts over – leaving a partially finished document in my wake.  As I spend more time on my web site – I will be putting in topics and then adding notes from various books that I have created under each of the topics.

I will add one Book Notes document to get something started.  The book is Selected Writings of Meister Eckhart.  Meister Eckhart was a Christian Mystic who lived in the 1200’s.

I have added another document of book notes on the book Awareness – The Perils and Opportunities of Reality by Anthony De Mello.  This book has had a profound influence in my life.

Book Notes

Meister Eckhart – Selected Writings

Awareness – The Perils and Opportunities of Reality by Anthony De Mello

The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard

The Song of the Bird by Anthony De Mello

Clowning In Rome – Chapter 4 – by Henri J M Nouwen