Introductory Story

A number of years ago I was sitting in church reflecting on how I had changed over the past number of years.  I had grown and changed in many areas of my life.  As I reflected on that fact I looked around at men in the church and most of them were the same men I had known for many many years.  I did not see the change in them that I saw in my own life.

The realization that my life was changed and that many of the men that I had known for years did not display any change at all put me on a journey to discover what I could about what had happened to me and why it did not universally apply.

The Rectangle – a teaching tool

Many years ago I was at a seminar sponsored by my business insurance agency.  The speaker was a man named Terry Slattery.  Terry is a sales trainer and was talking about training people for sales.  In his presentation he drew a diagram of a rectangle that he used to represent a way to look at how a person operates – what makes them who they are as it relates to sales.  Terry uses the diagram to help business owners determine how the people in their sales organization look at life and what may be holding them back from being successful.